Michael Norman

Badminton – Foundations

Develop your game with national qualified coach Kay Terry

Please note the following dates for the sessions: Oct 12, Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance (6-10yrs):
Learn the basic to advanced Jazz techniques to modern music in a relaxed & fun atmosphere.

Jazz Dance (Adults):
Develop your current dance techniques along with your flexibility to a variety of great modern music.  Classes are taught by an very experienced teacher.

Tai Chi

The course teaches Sung Go style, a long form of 108 moves. This style will benefit your mind and body by creating peace and harmony within yourself. All movements are designed to increase the strength and flow of your internal energy, known as ‘Chi.’ You will gently exercise your muscles and joints and will make more connections between various parts of the body. Tai involves the practise of mind and body coordination which assists in all aspects of daily life.

Requirements: • Loose and comfortable clothing • Water bottle


Pilates is a term course that will tone your muscles as well as balancing muscular force at a joint level. It stimulates circulation through facilitating muscle flexibility, joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment. In this course, you will learn to: • Improve your posture and breathing • Increase your range of movement • Generate a quality of lightness, ease and spontaneity in movement

Requirements: • Comfortable, loose and warm clothing (including socks) • Blanket, towel or exercise mat to lie on • Two or three towels for extra head and neck support

Tiny Tots Ballet

Dance, discover and play while developing basic ballet skills through movement and music. Our program gives little dancers a fun introduction to the music, movement and creativity of ballet. The Tiny Tots Ballet program is designed for littles ones between ages 2 to 5 with active parent participation. This course encourages creative movement through interactive and fun dance classes, utilising a variety of music and dance equipment. Our program gives little dancers a fun introduction to the music, movement and creativity of ballet.

Toddler Bop

Dance and discover with our interactive program for toddlers who have a knack for the beat. Our program is a great place for little movers and shakers to dance, play and socialise. The Toddler Bop program is designed for littles ones between ages 1 to 5 with active parent participation and uses a variety of music and dance steps for creative play. Our program is a great place for little movers and shakers to dance, play and socialise.

Toddler Jazz

This Program is designed to give children a fun introduction to the basic dance steps and moves that are a part of the jazz genre. Throughout the duration of the course your child will learn to dance and have fun while developing the skills to move to the rhythm of music.

Watercolour Painting

You will learn a variety of water painting techniques and be encouraged to develop your own style at your own pace. Participants will be encouraged to enjoy discovering, or even rediscovering the joys of a versatile and challenging medium. The course offers a wide range of subjects and participants are welcome to suggest their own ideas. This course is suitable for beginner, intermediate and experienced painters.

Requirements: Paints Cotmans (no Art Spectrum) Brushes • 1 Holbein Hake 25mm Goat Hair • 1 Westart Prolon size 12 or 14 or Golden Sable 3550 or similar • 1 Rigor Fine Liner 1 Colours Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Gamboge Yellow, Raw Sienna, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Red, Viridian Green, Indigo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Intense Blue and Burnt Sienna. • 2 plastic jars for water • 1 x kneadable putty rubber • 1 x HB pencil • 1 x kitchen sponge • 1 x ruler • 1 x roll of masking tape (24 mm) • Masking fluid – coloured (not necessary for first term) • 300g watercolour paper or A3 pad watercolour paper • 1 x water spray bottle • 1 x pair scissors • 1 x 4B graphite pencil (no wood) • 1 x box of tissues • 1 x old towel • 1 x white enamel plate / white china plate

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga practise that evokes balance and harmony, while enhancing general wellbeing on every level. Each class incorporates yoga postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, meditation and yoga philosophy. All are welcome to participate in Yoga – Hatha, including pregnant women. It is important that you inform the instructor of any health concerns (for example back problems, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc) prior to the start of the course.

Requirements: • Loose and comfortable clothing • Yoga mat or exercise mat • Blanket or sleeping bag • Pillow or cushion • Water bottle • Please avoid eating in the two hours prior to each class

COVID-19 Update – 12 February 2021

Great news – restrictions are scheduled to be lifted as at 12:01am this Sunday 14 Feb.

Following is an outline of what the next stage means for all users of Warwick Stadium and Duncraig Recreation


       ALL junior and senior competitions will restart from Sunday 14 Feb

       Warwick Creche will reopen from Monday 15 Feb

       All programs will operate as per normal

–    Masks do NOT need to be worn


Our priority is to provide a safe return for our community so to comply with government requirements, all users of Warwick Stadium & Duncraig Recreation must:

            Check-in on arrival using the WA Government’s SafeWA app or completing a paper register at reception

            Practise good hygiene and physical distancing (4sqm rule)

            If you are unwell please stay home


If there are further updates, they will be posted on our website (http://www.warwickstadium.com.au) and shared through social media (https://www.facebook.com/WarwickStadium)



Official information regarding COVID-19 in Western Australia – www.wa.gov.au/covid19

WA Department of Health information – www.healthywa.wa.gov.au

WA COVID-19 health and information and advice – 13 COVID (13 26843)