About Us

Warwick Stadium Profile

We’re operated by the Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation Association Incorporated and is located in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

We have 8 indoor sprung floor courts used for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and Badminton. Our expansion project (completed January 2016)  saw our centre grow from 4 courts to 8 courts, a new 500sqm fitness gym, new entry foyer and café.  We are open 7 days a week, opened early morning to late night for competitions and events.

We operate a ladies only fitness gym called Warwick Women’s Workout and a small number of dancing and social classes.   We have a function room, group fitness room and a small board room all available for hire. 

Meet The Team

Ethos of the Centre

The Centre operates with Christian values, which when we really get down to it are just good values for life and living with each other – “treating people the way that we like to be treated ourselves”. We believe that size, gender, race, creed or age do not make us superior or inferior to the other. We do not tolerate domineering, rude or bullying behaviour, but seek to encourage an environment for sport and leisure that while competitive, is safe and non threatening.

We are a swear free stadium.

Drugged or intoxicated persons are not permitted to participate for their own safety and the safety of others.

We take our duty of care very seriously, in all aspects of what we do.

Josh Nipps

Hi, I am Josh Nipps & CEO of Churches of Christ Sport & Recreation Association. The stadium was one of the first communities I was a part of when I came to Australia. Now, 12 years later – I am here working alongside an awesome group of people, in the midst of a sport I love (Basketball!) & so what more could a person ask for!

Jen wischhausen

Hi, my name is Jen and I oversee the accounting at Warwick Stadium.


Hi my name is Ethan, I am the Referee Coordinator for Warwick Senators.

Scott Joy

Hi, my name is Scott Joy. I serve as the COO and have worked at the stadium for over 20 years full-time. I have also had casual roles including basketball referee, kiosk worker and duty manager. I love sport and providing a place for the community to come and interact in a positive and healthy way. I love our team and the privilege of working with some fantastic people.

Brian Smyth

My background is a photography business owner but with a passion for basketball and sport generally. I have played high level basketball and cricket and enjoy playing in team sports. I love interacting with people and so have enjoyed the transition to working with people at a sports stadium like Warwick. Bring it on.

Derryn De Souza

Hi, my name is Derryn and I look after accounting for Warwick Stadium.

Michael NOrman

Hi, my name is Michael. I am the Warwick Senators general manager.

Marcus Lewenhoff-Jones

Hello, my name is Marcus Lewenhoff-Jones and I manage Courtside Fitness. I love welcoming new people to our fitness community.

Bec O'Keefe

Hi, my name is Rebecca! I'm the WABL administrator. I have been a part of the Senators community since 2015 and enjoy how the sport of basketball connects people from all parts of society. With a background in teaching and a mother of three sons, I see the benefit that sporting connections bring to the lives of young people.